Fire Protection Covers

Protecting against fires

All designs and initial proposals of both hydrocarbon and jet fire soft enclosure systems offered by T&M Supplies are based upon the flame temperature, duration of protection required, mass and size of equipment to be protected and limitating temperatures on the surface of the equipment.

Both enclosure systems have been independently tested to the hydrocarbon and jet fire time/temperature curve for a period of two hours and as a result approved by Lloyd's Register of Shipping.

Each system is designed to specific project/client requirements which may include removable access panels and venting within the enclosure. Standard features would include entry points for cable and service lines. A site survey by T&M Supplies Engineers is reccomended to assess the equipment and area local to the equipment. This is followed by a drawing for client approval, prior to commencement of manufacture.

Due to the complexity and configuration of some equipment requiring protection, such as valves, flanges, actuators, etc, it may be necessary to incorporate a rolled hollow section frame which supports the enclosure and ensures integrity of the system. The frame, supplied as part of the system, can be supported from the valve/actuator interface or clamping ring attached to the outside of the connection flanges.

Fire Blankets and Curtains

Are suitable for a number of different applications. Manufactured from a variety of different High temperature resistant fabrics, ranging from a relatively lightweight glass fabric to a heavyweight Weldstop, they are suitable for a use with temperatures up to 1400C and are resistant to molten metal splash and sparks.

Typical applications include: Welding Booths, Oil & Gas Refineries & Aluminium smelting.

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