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T&M manufacture Removable Flexible Covers for a variety of applications including valves, actuators, exhaust systems, turbines, junction boxes, control units, vessels, H&V boiler roooms and plant rooms.

Design and manufacturing of Removable Flexible Covers can be from standard drawings provided by the client or T&M can provide a comprehensive site survey to give a bespoke tailored solution. In addition, T&M can offer an Identification/Tagging system and can provide an on-site fitting service, if required.

Why Use Removable Flexible Covers?

Our Removable Flexible Covers offer 6 Key advantages over common rigid metal boxes, as follows:

  • 1 Their easy. They are easy to remove and re-install for essential maintenance and inspection.
  • 2 Cause less disruption. Installation timing for Removable Flexible Covers are significantly less and ensures completion of installation prior to plant start-up, which avoids plant operation interference.
  • 3 Avoids access problems. Removable Flexible Covers can provide a bespoke tailored solution for individual situations eg. Restricted space areas.
  • 4 Saving you money. Materials used in Removable Flexible Covers are generally more cost effective and avoid problems associated with metal delivery constraints on extended lead times and limited sheet metal worker resources.
  • 5 Can be made offsite. Removable Flexible Covers can be pre-fabricated offsite avoiding cost implications of gate passes, safety constraints etc. associated with fabricating of rigid metal boxes on site.
  • 6 Space saving. When required on site, Removable Flexible Covers provide storage benefits taking up significantly less volume/space than rigid metal boxes, which gives a saving on expensive site costs.

'Quality' is the watchword with all our products

We use only the finest modern materials, all complying with the safety standards laid down by the Health & Safety Executive. For example, heating valves, pumps, piping connections etc., are often left uninsulated in order to facilitate regular inspection or maintenance. By using the correct insulating materials, you can...

  • Reduce Energy costs
  • Improve safety on the premises
  • Save money on labour costs
  • Ensure lower capital spending

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