Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Covers

T&M Insulation Covers

Are a low cost answer to the problem of exposed valves and connections either internally or externally. They are asbestos-free, highly resistant to Acids, Salts, Sun, Frost and High Temperatures and their wraparound design and quick-release fasteners make them easy to fit and remove.

Our standard range of T&M covers comprise of a Glass Fabric Outer and Inner Layer - which sandwich a 50mm* Mineral Fibre Insulation - and are fastened by means of velcro and draw cords.

Typical applications include: H & V Boiler and Plant rooms, Industrial Power Stations and Oil Refineries and Marine Oil Drilling Platforms and Ships.

*Thickness and type of insulation may vary according to specifications.

Acoustic Insulation Covers

From T&M are custom made and manufactured from a variety of glass fabrics defined by the running temperature and environment of the item to be insulated. Noise levels are absorbed by the strategic use of a High Destiny lead-lined Mineral Wool.

Typical applications include: Turbo Chargers and Marine type Engine Rooms.

Mineral Wool Insulating medium has a host of benefits:

  • Rot Proof
  • Odourless
  • Non-Hygroscopic
  • Will not encourage growth of fungi, mould or bacteria
  • Will not settle under vibration
  • Dimensionally stable in varying conditions of temperature and humidity
  • Non-combustible to BS: 476 Part 4 1970 (High melting point has provided protection against damage by fire in Marine Environments)

Thermal conductivity at 150C (Performance figures available, if relevant)

  • 0.061 W/mk
  • Thickness. 30mm to 80mm according to size and type of Valve and Equipment
  • Offers a degree of noise control
  • Drainage Holes. Where larger valves are concerned, drainage holes may be fitted according to type and orientation

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